View Full Version : Wanted Items

  1. WTB: British Carl Gustav PRAC round
  2. Pfm-1
  3. WANTED. British baton round variants
  4. Brit PLCE 51mm mortar rounds bag
  5. R.M.L. 7 pr Shrapnel shell
  6. C3 ELSIE DRILL + PRAC mines
  7. German KZ14 OR KZ11 FUZE
  8. 7.62 x 51mm cases wanted
  9. WWI German 37x101mm case
  10. Brit Army miniflare kits
  11. 30x173 GAU-8A empty shell cases
  12. Wanted 12.8 cm projo & 17 pounder apcb projo
  13. Mills No.36 Grenade Filler Plug (Original)
  14. 9MM L10A1 and L18A1
  15. No.74 Sticky Bomb WTH Clamshell, or just a Clamshell for one
  16. British bits wanted please
  17. WWII Time Pencils wanted...
  18. Clear plastic No.8 Det Magazine MkII
  19. WW2 "Rupert" Parachute.
  20. Cartridge for Walther LP-34 Flare Pistol
  21. 37x101 case
  22. WWI Mills No.36 Mk1 grenade base plug
  23. in search for contact horns sea mines
  24. two-inch mortar parachute illumination round
  25. WTB: Mosin Dyakonov Launcher Tube
  26. German 88 Transit plug wanted
  27. 75mm M18 Shell
  28. US Dragon Antitank Missile
  29. Information about the LOMMEL ARTILLERY RANGE 1945
  30. Wanted ww2 Bofors 40mm L60 gun
  31. No.74 sticky bomb clam cover retaining clip + 20mm Hispano links