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  1. 25 pdr shell
  2. Sagger Missile Sight
  3. Wanted
  4. Wanted - Inert US WW2 Mk2 Hand grenade
  5. Wanted - 3.7" cartridge clips/primer protectors
  6. Wanted : SOE Equipment Airdropped in Europe by A. Thygesen and M.Sode
  7. 106 fuze parts
  8. WTB 17pr fuse protector clips
  9. German KZ14 fuze wanted.....
  10. MKII U.S. Grenade
  11. British 3-inch mortar bomb parts
  12. WTB: PFM-1 Russian AP mine
  13. 30-06 and other ammunition books
  14. Baton rounds and CS cartridges
  15. L162A1 Practice Fuze for L111A1 Practice Grenade
  16. British No. 244 Fuse for 17 Pounder HE
  17. Might Anyone in the US or Canada have spare 76mm ARMDC Casing?
  18. WTB: US XM-952 Fuse for 106mm Recoilless APERS Round
  19. Sabot
  20. SOE Equipment air dropped in Europe 1940-1945
  21. wooden training Hungarian AZ 58 A/T grenade
  22. Tank/ artillery shells
  23. US WW2 Land Mines
  24. Lead balls
  25. WTB: Best condition Imperial German KUGEL grenade WWI
  26. WTB: CN-75-50 French 75mm Case in the US - AMX 13 or M50 Super Sherman
  27. Wanted Empty spent smoke body L64 L65 L66 L67
  28. m1919 link
  29. WTB: USA WW2 Smoke Grenade (any)
  30. Looking for american 5 inch or larger 1880s to 1920s projectiles/casings
  31. Anything (Open minded)
  32. mint complete WW2 grenades
  33. 25 Pr , BE MK II, front section
  34. Wanted : Early WW2 British Detonator Crimping Pliers
  35. Wanted : British wooden or bakelite Detonator Rectifiers
  36. WTB British 3” mortar fuze
  37. British WW1 No24 Rodded Grenade body
  38. WTB: Russian WWII Inert 50mm Mortar Round
  39. WTB: British Carl Gustav PRAC round
  40. British L30A2 Drill Grenade Fuze Lever / Spoon
  41. romanian GMM grenade
  42. Pfm-1
  43. Wanted rusty C216 or C219 ammo box
  44. Wanted to Trade: 75mm US Sky Sweeper Case for US 76mm M26 Brass Case
  45. AP mines and Steel 105mm case
  46. v-Munition
  47. Battery Box for Sagger Missile Control Unit
  48. Wanted please
  49. WTB Early Torpedo Pistols
  50. 3.7-inch shells (inert or repro)
  51. Looking for inert explosive charge for the 0.86oz charge Tyre Burster Mk.II
  52. WTB: South African SADF pattern 70 R1 (FN FAL) webbing pouches
  53. Small WWII U.S. Bomb Fin lock ring wanted
  54. WTB British 2 inch mortar accessories.
  55. RGO 78 DVM fuse wanted
  56. Anything (open minded)