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  1. Rare incendiary cannonball

    Quote Originally Posted by MINENAZ16 View Post
    Herewith, documentation on 6.6in Mk IV star shell (books from 1893 to 1899)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And early version (no Mk, no diagram, book from 1886)

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  2. Missiles and bombs wanted

    Hi everyone.

    is anybody selling any missiles and bombs?
    1950's to current.

    What you got? ������������

  3. new member

    Hi to everybody out there i am new to this site my interest is the 1st world war inert ordnance
  4. Y Fuse finally obtained

  5. british wooden ammo boxes 303 , 250 rounds

    [QUOTE=hangarman;192638]Lovely box Tony, it has got me baffled! I wonder if they tried a different configuration of bandolier. How many rounds did a horse shoe charger hold?

    Hi Gary,
    there is another thing about this box has me baffled namely the 'A rifle only' marking.
    A theory put forward that it was ammo intended for rifles only as there was a problem with case separation in the modified Bren gun.
    But for some reason this ...
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