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  1. new member

    Hi to everybody out there i am new to this site my interest is the 1st world war inert ordnance
  2. Y Fuse finally obtained

  3. british wooden ammo boxes 303 , 250 rounds

    [QUOTE=hangarman;192638]Lovely box Tony, it has got me baffled! I wonder if they tried a different configuration of bandolier. How many rounds did a horse shoe charger hold?

    Hi Gary,
    there is another thing about this box has me baffled namely the 'A rifle only' marking.
    A theory put forward that it was ammo intended for rifles only as there was a problem with case separation in the modified Bren gun.
    But for some reason this ...
  4. Busy week polishing off latest website for a Bespoke Framing company

    Apologies for the delays in responding to peoples PM's this week, My wife and I took on a project for my cousin who runs a bespoke picture framing business up here in Yorkshire. Initially I was asked just to help out with the SEO (search engine optimisation) aspects of the site to help them raise more business as their previous website wasn't performing well and most of their work came from recommendation and word of mouth.. which is great in one aspect but that only go so far when your competitors ...
  5. Wtf!!

    My new lodger who does the stunts also does quite a lot of film work during the winter months and look what i woke up to yesterday morning grazing in my back field. I thought i was going to die laughing......
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