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Dear Diary...

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10pm still at work.. Putting on the finishing touches of a new application I'm writing for Android phone users.

Hopefully going to try and get it 'out there' this weekend so if there's anyone out there who drives... that will be quite a few.... and who has an Android phone... (maybe still a few) then this will be of interest

Andrive, is the name of the app'. It aims to be a number of things based around being an aid to motorists when you need it the most. You can record all sorts of useful vehicle related data for an infinite number of vehicles. From basic data, like V5 information to the sort of things you tend to forget, Radio PIN, Tyre makes, Sizes, and pressures etc. You can enter details of your insurer & breakdown company and if in the unfortunate circumstance of a breakdown, it will tell you where you are with an address if it can and allow you to notify emergency contacts of your prediciment and call your breakdown company in just a few clicks.

Accident details can be recorded in great detail and later passed to an insurance company.

Well I better stop talking about it and finish developing it....

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