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First ever Blog

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Welcome to Charlies first blog ever. I have no idea what i'm ment to write in a blog so i'll just say whats happening in Charlies life at the moment.

For those of you that dont know i sell pharmaceuticals in bulk for my bread and have another finished product company on the side lines. Have just finished formulating and designing a new toothpaste which is totally unflavoured which will be in stock late April. The farm is quiet as i seem to be spending most of my time in the office although i have just had Amy a new lodger move into the flat and she has brought with her 7 horses.... Google Blazing Saddles Stunt Team Tank is still broken but hope to have her running for the BOCN meet, Ex SAS range rover project still not started, two miles of fencing to do before the Steam rally in June and a big pile of shit to move. Anyone know where i can find some more houres in the day? lol

Wishing anyone that read this far all the best...



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  1. bolo's Avatar
    Nice first blog entry Charlie !

    People tend to find when they start these things... they have much more to write about then they thought possible and it ends up being quite addictive.
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