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    USS Oklahoma City CLG-5

    I had seen this web page years ago. https://www.okieboat.com/index.html

    Loaned him my GMM manuals to copy. https://www.okieboat.com/GMM.html

    He's scratch building a 1/96 scale model of the ship. https://www.okieboat.com/Modeling%20info.html

    Went looking on his page again to catch up on the progress of the model. Noticed the picture pages and commenced to viewing. I recalled seeing them in the past. https://www.okieboat.com/Photos%20page.html

    But I had forgotten about all the ammo related pics. 6" and 5" and Talos stuff. Gave me a case of deja vu all over again.
    okie ammo 5 in.jpg okie 6 in.jpg okie unrep ammo.jpg okie talos can.jpg

    His webpage is a time killer for "Navy vets", modellers, and those with an interest in ordnance.
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