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    125mm High Explosive Dummy Projectile

    The Russian 125mm tank gun ammunition has not been readily available/affordable in the US until recently. I know of three sources with the latest being very affordable. A large shipment of many containers arrived legally from Poland within the last year. We can now buy 125mm HE, AP and HEAT training rounds that are painted black with the Polish word for training on them in white lettering for $200 with the shipping crate and dummy combustible powder charge. I have included an HE for comparison here. This HE round appears to be a standard OF-26 service round with the correct V-429E fuse that has only been painted black - they have gray paint under the black. I also bought this loading practice green round thinking it could have been a 115mm HE - it was a bad photo with no dimensions - I took a gamble on it. The green loading dummy also came out of this Polish batch, and I have never seen pictures of it before. The nose is solid steel. It is Russian or Polish made? It has no fuse. The driving band is brass. The retaining ring around the fins is welded in place. The "fins" do not deploy. Has anyone seen this before? I am not especially attached to it if someone wants it in their collection.
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    I got one of the loading dummies at least 5 years ago. It's a different shade of green. I don't think it's Polish.
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