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    Quote Originally Posted by TimG View Post

    The Broad arrow within an oval, is, as you state pertinent to the steel, it is a 'material transfer stamp' and found on forged projectiles. If the steel bar stock passes the various test criteria it is stamped as such and any projectiles made from that specific piece of steel are stamped to show the source material had passed the tests.

    The number following the A is probably the lot number of the heat treatment.

    Thanks Tim. I have the stamp listed as GAS 23 [which presumably stands for Gun Ammunition Shell stamp No 23] in a WW1 Ministry of Munitions document. Other series of stamps include GA (Gun Ammunition), GAC (Cartridges) and GAF (Fuzes). You are probably familiar with this document. Do you know if there is a WW2 equivalent?

    Krt7,92 - I am glad to see that you are not going to repaint the shell. It is very likely that the shell body is stamped. You might try laying a plain sheet of paper on the body and lightly rubbing a soft pencil over it (as in "brass rubbing").

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    Quote Originally Posted by kahu1 View Post
    The driving band shows signs of wear and rounding ,yet the paint is unaffected in that area?
    Following on from our NZ friend's observation on the rounding of the driving band, if you take a close look at the smaller grooves in the band it looks like there are the remains of plating showing. The base also looks very bright for what one might expect for a round with original paint. It's always difficult to be certain about things from pictures alone but IMHO this is a Mk V WW1 vintage projectile that has been plated at some point, then removed and repainted.
    Always looking for projectiles, cases, fuzes and paperwork related to Burney and Davis guns.

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    About the plating: I think you're right. At some places where the paint wore off, it looks very bright, just like the base.


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