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    37x223R cartridges for the M3 anti-tank gun, USA, WW2

    Cutaway models of three shells for the American WW2 37x 223R M3 anti-tank gun.

    20.000 M3 guns were built between 1939 and 1943, however on the western front is was considered to be too light to fight the German tanks. In the far east however it was adequate throughout the war as Japanese tanks were without exception lightly armored. It was used in many tanks, armored vehicles and self propelled anti tank guns. For instance: M5A1 Stuart tank, M8 Greyhound armored vehicle, the staghound armored car, Locust tank, Grant tank.

    -The 37mm M51 APC-T shot consists of a solid -nose hardened- steel shot with a piercing cap and a ballistic cap on top of the nose. The piercing cap is made of mild steel and divides the force of the impact over the entire nose of the projectile, preventing it from shattering upon impact. The aluminum windshield improves the ballistic performance. In the bottom of the shell a hole is drilled into which the tracer composition is pressed.
    The color of the projectile is black. Vo is 884 Mtrs/sec (2900 ft/sec).
    The shell will penetrate 53mm (2,1”) plate of steel at 457 mtrs (500 yards) and 46mm (1,8”) at 914 mtrs (1000 yards) at a 30 degree angle.

    -The 37mm M63 HE shell exists of a mild steel body, threaded in the bottom to receive the Base fuze M58. Around the firing pin an interrupted ring is placed in a groove, fixating the setback sleeve in the forward position. The firing pin cannot move forward and reach the firing cap. Upon firing, the sleeve is forced backward by the setback force, the interrupted ring is bent open slightly and falls into the lower groove. The firing pin can now reach the firing cap if it moves forward, kept in backward position only by a weak spring. On impact the firing pin is launched forward into the detonator by inertia. The shell is filled with 39 grams TNT. Color of the projectile is yellow.
    Vo. is 782 mtr/sec

    -The 37mm canister shot M2. It acts as a large shotgun and is very effective against groups of attacking infantry.
    The projectile is build-up of sheet metal and houses 122 steel ball with a 10,5 mm diameter, cast in resign. The length of the projectile body is 160mm long.
    Weight of the round is 1,58kg, the projectile weighs 0,88kg.
    Vo: appr. 755 mtrs/sec.

    Regards, DJH

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    Very nice job as always DJH,
    Beautiful sections and a great write up, i have always had a soft spot for these rounds and am still trying to complete the set, only taken 20 plus years so far, still time.
    Thank you for taking the time to put the post together for us to see, best Weasel.
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