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    BLU-45/B and BLU-49 Ring Tail Submunitions

    I just acquired these three submunitions at a local militaria show this weekend and thought I'd share them here and perhaps find some more information. My search skills here are weak but I can't find any mention of the BLU-45/B mine or BLU-49 ring tail bomb on BOCN. Seems odd these have never been discussed before but perhaps the conversation can start here.

    The BLU-45/B anti-vehicle mine on the left really intrigues me but little information seems available about it. Does anyone have a sectional diagram or other details on its construction?

    The bomb on the right with retarder fins is stenciled as a BLU-49 but one reference identifies it as a BLU-60/B. Apparently, it is described in an Aerojet Ordnance document as having enhanced hard target penetration capabilities. More info on this one would also be welcomed. Thanks.

    Submunitions 6-22-19.jpg

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