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    Recent finds

    Evening All, I visited a couple of my favourite beaches recently and thought I would share the photos of what I brought home. I didn't bother with steel shrapnel or bits of mortar bombs. The fuze remains all appear to be pieces of No. 117 and No. 119 fuzes. Small arms included .50 " cases, a .303 " case fired from a Bren Gun (elongated firing pin strike mark) and bullets, and a 9 mm case and bullets. The driving band pieces are mostly from 25 Pr shells. Top right in one of the photos are pieces of what I believe are 36M grenade internals - the spring and striker holder - plus an attached part that contains what looks like part of the detonator. The pile of small pieces are bits of pulverised fuze internal pieces. The beaches are in North Norfolk and were used for training in WW2.
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