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Thread: Airsoft R2BS

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    Airsoft R2BS

    Not commenting on the airsoft wannabes, but they do make some interesting toys. I try to pick up many of the variations, for recognition and safety understanding. Ran across the R2BS at a gunshow this past weekend and bought a couple, I'll cut them open this weekend and see if we can get a couple of training pieces that can be passed around. In the meantime I thought members might enjoy both the factory video and some of the pre-surgery Xrays.


    airsoft-pyrotechnics-r2bs-airsoft-hand-grenade.jpgBuck.airsoft paint grenade.1-15-Jul-2019 (002).jpgBuck.airsoft paint grenade.1-15-Jul-2019 (003).jpgBuck.airsoft paint grenade.1-15-Jul-2019.jpg
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