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    Need help on Rhodesian Rap-1 "Carrot" mine

    Hello, everyone.
    The net has almost no information on the item of interest to me, with the exception of one source: Human Rights Watch Arms Project, Still Killing: Landmines in Southern Africa (New York: Human Rights Watch, 1997).
    Other available sources are secondary.

    On HRW Report says the following:
    "With South African technical assistance the Rhodesiansdeveloped their own landmine production capacity and began using the RhodesiaRAP No.1 (nicknamed Carrot Mine) and RAP No.2 (nicknamed Adams Grenade). TheseRhodesian mines were more dangerous to handle and equally hazardous to produce.Carrot Mines were produced by Cobrine Engineering, which was run by a United Statescitizen. Local production of these mines reduced costs from R$57 for importedmines to R$2.60 of which R$2.40 was local content. The production process wasso dangerous that following a spate of accidents the Rhodesians closed theoperation down and relied mainly on supplies of landmines from South Africa inthe last years of the war."

    The only found image of a RAP-1: https://fatfox9.net/2014/10/19/cordo...vic-thackwray/

    If I understand correctly, the RAP-1 is a simplified copy of the British Anti-personnel mine No.6 the same nicknamed:

    Here http://www.nolandmines.com/explosive...esinmines.html it says that explosive content of RAP-1 is 8 oz (140 g) of pentolite.
    Later in Zimbabwe was continued production of a crude copy of RAP-1 that named ZAP-1:

    That's all, in general.
    I don't have any details on how the mine works, probably the same as the British prototype, but who knows?
    On the only image I drew a sketch:

    Can anyone give more details? I would be much appreciated for your help.

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