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    Quote Originally Posted by M8owner View Post
    At least one 76mm such mortar shell shows up for sale in the US each year. They sell in the $300 to $400 dollar range. I would have just waited and bought one of those rather than go down this path.[/URL]
    It's basically the challenge I like and doing such work is a real fun for us (including preparing some sausages on the fire prior putting the zinc inside :-) )

    And I am also pretty sure that both the left and the right 7,6 cm mortar shells won't ever show up in the US. The left shell is an experimental one and the right is a smoke shell converted to an inert target practise shell which I have also never seen before (It's different to the later Reichswehr smoke shells which are not rare). And then we used the tool for two more very rare "slim type" message mortar shells. The normal message shell in the middle of the picture seems to be much more common in the US than in Europe. I guess these were much liked souvenirs because they could be easily inerted.
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    You showed us some skills (and patience) with this restoration job. Well done Stefan, the end result looks absolutely amazing. And many thanks for showing us this step-by-step approach.

    Regards, Jan


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