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    Reproduction 2in Mortar Bomb Carrier

    Reproduced an Australian WW2 36M grenade box and contents a while back. I posted a description of the work and some photos so I thought I'd share my latest project. Have wanted a 2 inch mortar round carrier assembly for a long while so in view of the scarcity and corresponding sky high prices, Down Under at least, I decided to attempt to build one. Photo of my efforts enclosed. One photo shows one of my replicas with a genuine 3 in round carrier for comparison. Made up two of the carriers., the lighter "cleaner" one is for a mate. The tubes are made from PVC plumbing pipe as are the caps, the only original components are the carry handle which I scored years from a surplus outlet plus the web strapping. Couldn't find out much info on the markings but other than that am reasonably happy with the results.

    2in Carrier 6.jpgBoth Carriers.jpg2in Carrier 9.jpg

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    Hi, they look quite good for display.
    I made a couple of the 2” carriers years ago for a re-enactment group. I used the thick wall cardboard tubes from inside the paper rolls used in a plotter printer. The pressed tin end caps came from the lids of fancy oatmeal biscuits.
    A friend made some carriers for PIAT or 3” using the cardboard tube that carpets are rolled on in carpet stores, not sure what he used for the lids.
    Wanted: Baton/Irritant rounds (inert) and associated items, .700 NE (inert) and boxes (empty), .32-40 cartridge boxes (empty), WW2 British shotgun cartridge boxes (empty), Greener Police Gun cartridge boxes (empty). Message me if you have any of these items for sale/trade.




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