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    WW1 Bulgarian 75mm Mountain Gun Case

    This small case turned up in the UK recently and I added it to the collection based upon not often seeing German made cases for I think Bulgaria. The size is: length 118mm, rim 88mm and mouth 75/76mm. The case was without a primer, I have shown it with a standard German primer for the M15 Skoda mountain gun which screws in easily. Also pictured alongside a M15 case for comparison.
    My reading of the Cyrillic script would indicate the case was made in Karlsruhe, with an abbreviated Friedrich Krupp added to the case, dated 1917 with a Cyrillic G for date. This pattern of marking is similar to Krupp made cases for the Turkish military. The seller thought it was Russian, but I really don't think Krupp would be making export cases for Russia at this point! The only record of a case of this size I can find mentions a Krupp blockhouse gun. The general size for me could also indicate a mountain gun, very happy to be educated. I guess this item was a souvenir of the Salonika campaign, a part of WW1 often overlooked in the UK.
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