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    They were all over the sky

    Just released on 4 September 2019 the book THEY WERE ALL OVER THE SKY.

    This book tells the story of the American bombardments by B-17's Flying Fortress bombers and P-47 Thunderbolts during operation MARKET GARDEN in september 1944.

    This unknown topic is now written down and gifs details about every bomb attack on 119 targets by 834 B-17 heavy bombers on the morning of 17 september 1944 when they dropped 22,661 Fragmentation Bombs 260 lb., 578 General Purpose Bombs 100 lb. , 380 clusters M1A1 and 20 Monroe Leaflet Bomb. It gives also details about the fighter-bomber attacks by P-47's during the whole operation when Fragmentation Bombs, GP bombs, Napalm- and WP Bombs were dropped, and also 5 inch HVAR rockets were fired.

    The book is hard cover, size 215 x 280 mm, 230 pages and has more than 350 photographs, pictures and drawings. The language is in Dutch. Price €34,-

    Voorzijde Boek.jpg

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    I bought your book and it's absolutely worth buying! Lots of interesting historical info and great detail about the bombs.




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