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    French ww1 bombs post card on ebay

    At two different brightnesses to show details.
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    A well-known photo but indeed a very interesting one: let's try to put a name on all these projectiles
    in the rear rank:
    Center: 140kg bomb (also called "bombe de 268mm)
    Sides: Gros Andreau bombs 100kg/ 50kg / 25kg with their typical suspension key.

    in the mid rank: a couple of exercise bombs and in the center a couple of Frag bombs on the basis of reworked artillery shells of 75mm (Bombe 10kg M or PA) and on the sides a couple of 10kg CD (Chanard) incendiary bombs

    in the front rank: hand grenades and laying on the left a Michelin VM Flare, on the right a Michelin bomb: obus allonge de 155mm - the most popular with the small 75mm frags (the Gros Andreau were hated by the crew as the chemicals inside had a pronounced tendency to leak and poison the crews, sometimes very badly. )

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