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    Youtube video from Spectra Technologies

    I recently picked up a current issue inert U.S. M67 grenade with the markings on the top surface. The code for the loading plant on it is STL which was a code I didn't recognize and had a hard time tracking down. Any Google search for STL returns millions of hits about St. Louis, Missouri and nothing about hand grenades. A friend let me know it stood for Spectra Technologies LLC, a new ordnance loading and production facility in Arkansas.

    Their video seemed quite revealing regarding processes and techniques and includes some great test explosions near the end.

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    They are my new favorite company. I would love to spend all day drawing ordnance with Solidworks software. The equipment is first class, and it is very clean. I will bet the paper work burden to meet all those regulations and standards is quite heavy. I like the mixer making the grey pookie. I am going to guess that is RDX, so it seems they make the actual explosives on site. I am surprised the batch size is so small - maybe that was just the test lab. I also noticed all the rail tank cars on site; that is a great amount of inbound raw materials. Of course, there are other defense companies on that site as well.
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