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    105mm High explosive shell Ctg. Nr.100 HE-T or OE 105/60

    Cutaway model of a 105mm Brisantgranaat (High explosive shell) Ctg. No.100 -T, as used in the gun of the AMX-13 light tank. The French name for this shell is the OE (Obus Explosive) 105/60.
    The projectile body is steel made. To the base of the projectile a threaded rod is machined, over which the tracer element No.23 is screwed in place.
    It appears that the Projectile body is shorter and more “stubby” than the “normal” 105mm artillery shells.

    Vo: 700 mtr/sec
    Cartridge weight: 18,4 kg
    Explosive charge: 2 kg TNT
    Length complete cartridge : 900mm
    Length shellcase : 528mm

    The cartridge was produced in the Neterlands by AI as the Brisantgranaat Nr.100, and was used in the AMX-13 light tanks of the Dutch cavelery. The royal Dutch army deployed 131 AMX-13 light tanks until they were sold off in 1983.

    The -shaped charge- armour piercing shell for this tank gun is described here:

    Regards, DJH
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