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    Antique scam - various dealers - 1st Dibs and so on

    It comes as no surprize that old surplussed ex Leather
    Navel charge carriers are being passed off as "Fire Buckets"
    These carriers with the tops lost and a decorative decal , usually
    the Royal Arms of one sort or another have been flogged for ever
    by antique dealers. The wide ones will make a decent cane stand etc,
    but I've found many being passed off as antique fire buckets at
    atrocious prices. I spotted three such rip offs on the 1st Dib's site.
    This site is renown for everything being priced 10 times it's value,
    makes you feel really good when you buy the same thing for $50 and
    see it there for $2000+ , it happens all the time.
    I have one example here, and a real fire bucket for comparison.
    I complained to 1st.Dib's and some have changed their listings,
    but these are everywhere. Don't hold back if you see some add for
    these, challenge the greedy buggers and tell them what they have.
    If I bought one of these as a customer I would call it fraud when I
    found out I had a near worthless incomplete rubbish item.

    I have no idea if my real fire bucket is Irish , British or American, Irish is I think the most valuable.
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