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    Help Help for German Bomb?

    From the way it is manufactured, it look like a Germa piece to me, but I wasn`t able to find a match in any of the WW2 German bombs pictures and datasheets I found online.
    It had to be a small bomb, as this tail dimentions are 30 cm height, 25 cm maximum width and 17 cm upper cone diameter.
    It was clearly re-painted as it has been used post-war as flowers pot. I can see traces of the gray original color underneath the post-war green repainting.
    I couldn t find any German bomb with the fins not completely converging to the centre: here they stop half way as youcan see, and then there is that hole on the bottom.
    Also, I don`t anderstand how there are no rivets holes on the upper part, hence I dont understand how this tail was fixed to the main bomb body above. Harry
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    I have probably a solution
    NC-50 D-See or NC50 W-C

    Two smoke bomb for water target indicator. I have only drawings and not complete dimensions, but it can be a good track

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