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    Charge Demolition Slab L3A1

    An empty aluminium container I picked up . Charge Demolition Slab L3A1.
    Dated 2/86 it contained 6x2lb slabs of PE4 explosive for demolition work.

    Held together by 4 steel pins/hinges with string loops.
    4 riveted attachment strips, 4 plastic covered hoes at the end and a hole top and bottom for detonator points.
    I thought it might interest collectors of demolition materials.

    Demo Slab L3A1 a.jpegDemo Slab L3A1 b.jpeg

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    very nice,i would like one myself if you find another

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    I first encountered these in 1976.
    Each half of those tops and bottoms contained 3 x individual aluminium wrapped PE4 slabs each about 1kg.
    They could be removed and used individually with a detonator. They could also be used as halves or complete and had holes in each half for the insertion of a detonator. There were eight of these Slabs Dem in a large square plywood box and the box also had protected holes for the insertion of detonators. It was so well modularised that in whatever fraction you used it there was always a hole for the insertion of a detonator. The whole package weighed around 50 kgs.




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