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    16in loading Hms Rodney

    Any Live or Dug ordnance shown by me has been disposed of by EOD personnel .

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    The 'Plimsoll line' mark on the body indicates the projectiles centre of gravity. Should also have a wide white band marked 'GRAB' most likely omitted for wartime economies.

    Fitted (nose) with a No. 360 Fuze made by G.B. - W. J. & H. Garrett, Ltd. (Electric conduit fittings manufacturers ) Premier Works, Wolverhampton Road, Bloxwich, Walsall.
    Bloxwich 66430

    Fitted (base) with a No. 551 Fuze made H.T.A. - Halls Telephone Accessories Ltd., 70 Dudden Hill Lane, Willesden, London, NW10. Telephone: Willesden 5141. Cables: "Aitchteeay, Harles, London"

    Due to the film being monochrome, one can't see the colours of the base of the base fuze. However, if painted in accordance with directions the screwed ring and gas check plate should be painted red and 'bar' should be white.


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