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    Here the high explosive cartridge with the Driggs base fuze for the 36x136R McClean gun. With the driggs base fuze the firing pin is being held in aft position by a safety pincer with two collar halves on the loose end that fit the groove in the back of the firing pin. The forward end of the pincer with the ring is pressed in the base of the brass cap housing the firing pin. After firing, the centrifugal force forces open the pincer, releasing the firing pin to move forward upon impact. The firing pin wil hit the firing cap, which explodes. The flame of the firing cap travels through two channels into main charge cosisting of a black powder /TNT charge, exploding the projectile.
    In contrast to the heavy one pounder projectile that has a one piece body, the projectile of the McClean gun has a screwed in base plate housing the Driggs base fuze.
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    Looking for / Suche noch:
    -8,8cm Pzgr.40.
    -8,8cm D (drahtsperre)

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