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    P47 1/1 scale model kit build

    I knew these(and other types) were shipped in crates but expected the assembly facilities to be better prepared. Ingenious how every part of the shipping container is utilized. Some purty fart smellers* had to figure all that out. If I'd been a pilot of one, that first flight would have been a cushion sucker, to say the least. One loose nut and. . .
    The engine start up is impressive. Having spent some time around radial aircraft engines, I can attest to the rush experienced standing nearby and/or behind the prop. Noise and prop wash and exhaust all blend to create a bit of sensory overload. It's a gas!

    I hope you enjoy the video:


    *purty fart smellers = a U.S. southern colloquialism = a twist on words = pretty smart fellows
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