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    Corona virus racing

    I went to work today along a 2 lane mini highway called Palisades. Usually it is packed with cars and police so going fast is not an option. There were a Porsche and a Camaro racing in front of me above 100 mph occupying both lanes. The end of the world.....

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    Here 100 mph is the average travel speed for most cars when the highway is filled light until medium so the end of the world is still a bit away :-). But when I drove home last night it was the first time in my live that I could look into both directions of the highway and did not see any other car. This would have been a good time to break the 200 mph (but not with my car :-) ). On the same highway some days ago there was a 65 km long traffic jam near the polish border because of Corona controls. My compassion with the polish truck drivers waiting there.

    Since today we are only allowed to leave our houses for work, buying food and a few other things. I hope it helps soon but I think they also must close most companies until the numbers improove.

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    I got my car yesterday for the first time since I can own it! It was over at 225 km. But was overtaken by a Porsche that had at least 300 km on it. To everyone: stay healthy.
    Search always English and US Bomb Fuzes!

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