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    Tellermine 43 Restoration

    Thought I would share a little of project of mine I have done during this lockdown. It’s my first time properly doing a restoration on this scale so hopefully it looks like it’s going well.

    i bought this Tellermine 43 for £30 back in January. When I received the Tellermine it had no original paint on the main body (just bare metal) and had a very rusty base plate and handle. Over the course of the last few weeks I have periodically removed the mud and rust. Used sandpaper and some filler. Here is where I am currently at. The main body is finished along with the base plate and handle all waiting to be properly attached together again.

    It took me a while to find the pressure plate. I noticed a lot of these Tellermine 43 relics don’t have pressure plates. However I managed to find one from Poland. i also have some stencils being produced for me.

    i haven’t done anything to the pressure plate yet except clean the threading (it fits perfectly with the main body). I think I will remove the remaining dunkelgelb on the pressure plate since there isn’t a lot left compared to the rust. I also have a fuze for the inside on the way as well. I mean not that it Will be visible later on

    hopefully this looks good to you guys. The only markings I have found on the main body are atr 43. I think there could be some on the pressure plate but I will need to remove the rust.

    thanks for looking!


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    Hi, I am looking forward to seeing it completed since it looks very good already! atr is Langbein-Pfanhauser-Werke AG, 76 Torgauer Strasse in Leipzig.

    More here:
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