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    Peculiar 7.62 X 39

    The following was posted on the ACE OF SPADES blog. Can anybody ID these rounds?

    "These are 7.62x39 rounds like I have never seen before after 25 years of SKSs and AKs. They are shiny polished steel cases, lacquer sealed primers/bullets and have a pimple on the tip of a solid bullet - not hollow point. I bought an AK from a guy years ago and he had a magazine loaded with these. I have tried on and off to find out who made them and what the purpose the pimple serves.
    Nice find, Oldgeezer! These are certainly a mystery to me too. How about it? Anyone know what these tipped rounds might be?"

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    In the Russian book I have on 5.45×39, 7.6239 and 9×39 ammunition, it’s a hunting bullet originally made (developed) at the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works under the ‘Effect’ (Эффект, transliteration Effekt) brand name.

    The book I have lists two versions, the 8M and 8M1, both with a protruding tip and weakened inner structure (i.e. expanding). They differ in that the 8M weighs 8 grams (123.5 gr) and would seem to have a flat (well slightly hollow) exposed lead base. The 8M1 weighs 8.13 g (125.5 gr) and would seem to have a short boat tail.

    It may be seen in boxed ammunition sold under the now parent company Tula Cartridge Plant, the ammunition’s code being FMJ-1. It may also be seen under the Silver Bear ammo brand as the 8M1 Effect.

    Some images below.


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    Yeah, Rick, a legit load. They were imported here for a short time a few years back and then disappeared. Definitely an odd-ball.




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