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Thread: Help with ID

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    Help with ID

    Found these pieces amongst my father's belongings. Pretty sure there is no connection to military or ordnance. Just odd. And maybe someone here has an idea what these might be for. Internet searches have been for naught.

    My initial guess was parts of a time clock/recorder or maybe a timer of some sort, missing trigger/trip pins. The left round thing appears to be made of lead. The right one potmetal or aluminum. Not magnetic. Knurled edges.

    clock 1.jpg

    The itty-bitty pieces, which I don't believe are associated with the wheely things, have months and numbers on them. Akin to linotype but are magnetic. Grooved on the sides so probably slide in to some sort of framework for stamping onto a paper recording medium.

    clock 3.jpg

    All guesses welcome. Fer sure answers even more so.
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    Same thoughts has you Slick they look like parts from a works clocking on /off machine
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