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    30x113B ADEN Dummy/DRILL

    I have two dummy/drill rounds in my collection that do not look like official rounds, maybe made by armourers?
    They look like Prac mk2 cases tightly crimped like factory made with black practice projectiles.

    The top cartridge has 4 low 6mm holes drilled in the case 33mm and 54mm from the base. Nose is stamped RG. Body stamped RG 55.
    30MM RG 54 in groove, PRAC 2Z SWN 105/55 on belt. Original black painted projectile. Stamps are a bit worn.

    Bottom cartridge has 4 higher holes, 38.5mm and 74mm from the base. Nose is stamped RG. Body stamped RG55.
    This I repainted black. 30MM RG 55 in groove, REQN RA2/3059/1 on belt. Primer is missing. All holes are 6mm measured from the centres.

    Are these made by some armourers or units for practice /drill or factory load? They both had a bit of burnt cloth fabric inside the case.
    I have mis-placed my Labbett book on 30mm so ask for other opinions on my cartridges. Note the ifferent hole heights.

    30x112B Aden Drill.jpg

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