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    I looked at example and all the pictures i could find but didn't see the sides shaved. I did ask quite a while back when i was doing my research on this particular mine and the smaller 100gram wooden box mines, these smaller mines did have chamfered side. I suppose it depends how they were used ie not buried but placed under something like a plank etc. Thanks for letting me know, i will make a note on that and look again.
    Although the theory of shave sides would be a wise step when building a box mine, i wondered if it made any difference especially if the soil is lightly covered over the mine. I don't thing you would want to pack down dirt around and on top of a mine to hard if you see what i mean.

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    I have a wooden mine, that I believe is Russian, and it has the sides shaved down, but not to a sharp edge. I've seen multiple shu style mines with tapered down sides.
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