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    18 Pr cast brass base

    I picked up an 18 pr case today. It was with a specially cast base.
    I have had similar for the 4.5" projectile. Thick brass and made to fit
    the case. Has a fitting specially made to screw into the primer pocket
    and to hold it on, not a Cheap affair. I cleaned it and put it on this
    wartime decorator 18pr to trial it. I'll keep it for that special engraved casing
    I haven't found yet.

    I have added these two specialy made for 18pr cases decorative items.
    A decorative cap that fits perfectly on top of the case for use as a lamp.
    A solid cast set of cast brass drapery that slides over the case. The tube
    beside these is made to fit the primer hole, but is only used when the wire
    comes in fromthe side, which is not the preffered method. The cast heavy
    base allows the cord to come out the bottom. So there was a bit of an industry
    after the war to market the left overs.
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