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    Fake but accurate

    Akin to noodle bowl mines, I crafted this in that vain. The weather has been oppressively hot (93F/ wind chill 106F)(humility in the 70% range) (y'all can convert to C if you so desire) , all that to say I pretty much stay inside this time of year.

    Anyway, years ago, I bought a box of fake MKIIs to give away to visitors to the shed. In digging around, found one and decided it would be a good starting point. For something. In other digging around, I found a bag of pulled .270/7mm projectiles I'd acquired from somewhere. Figured mating the two would make for an interesting thigamajig. Various attempts at attachment, with lots of failures, were made. Finally found one of those glue gizmos that have the little light that quickly hardens the adhesive. SUCCESS! They're actually stuck on there pretty solidly. Haven't dropped it yet to find out how well.

    Without further adieu:
    spiky nade.jpg

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