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    Wooden Anti-Tank Mine, Holzmine 42 Reproduction

    My Holzmine 42 (Wooden Mine 42) Reproduction

    Followed all the dimensions I could come up with, 3/4” wood outside, with 1/4” partitions inside. Did not paint it, as some were painted and others just raw wood. Tried to make it look weathered and old. Loaded it with the Amatol 50/50, 2.4 kg. charges. Which were sprayed with liquid rubber, to give them the look of a “bitumastic substance, which they were coated in to make them water proof. Used 200 gram primer charges. Some show three others show one with two wooden blocks to fill the space. I used the three charges. Some of the mines used twenty seven 200 gram charges. Twelve on each side, where the Amatol is shown, and three as primer charges. I thought it was easier to make two Amatol charges rather than twenty seven, 200 gram charges. Used a Z.Z. 42 igniter, with a Sprengkapselin No 8 Fuze.

    Picture A:
    Mine with lid on in safe condition, top red strip not showing.

    Picture B:
    Shows the mine unloaded, except for the Amatol charges.
    Showing the Z.Z. 42 ignitor, Sprengkapselin No. 8 Fuze, and three 200 gram charges.

    Picture C:
    All charges in place.

    Picture D:
    Lid on, in armed condition, red strip showing
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