the AT-2 mine system was probably the last mine-development of Dynamit Nobel company. It was developed as a pure AT-mine. Depending on the launching system for delivery of the mines, 3 slightly different mines existed. The mine had 3 sensors. A main-sensor S3 with a 45cm long antenna-wire attached to the top ,an internal magnetic sensor and an internal movement sensor. @sgdbr put online an old handbook about this mine. Thanks for sharing. But, none of the literature is detailed enough to explain the exact function of the sensors. After the "Ottawa Agreement" Italy was the first country to condemn this mine for destruction, because it could also be set off by personnel. My question is, how does this sensor work ? Does is sense a change of electrical resistance when the wire is touched, or something else ? The thin, 45cm long wire stands up above the mine. This is called the sensorwire (Sensordraht). To the lower half a secondary wire (Beidraht) is attached. I assume that this is done for stiffening purposes. When the belly of a tank touches the wire, it goes off. The belly material of a tank may be different metals, often covered with mud. Is it necessary that the wire touches metal for the mine to go off ? What type of movement-sensor was used in this mine ? Any info on the sensors would be very much appreceated. Thank you in advance for your consideration,