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    MI AP DV59 non magnetic anti personel mine (Nr22C1 in the Netherlands)

    Cutaway model of a French MI AP DV59 non magnetic anti personel mine (also called M59). This mine was also used by the Netherlands army under the designation Nr.22C1 inktpot (inkstand). The minebody as well as the fuze is plastic made and contains no metal parts. The fuze used is the AL PR ID 59 friction igniter. The pressure plunjer inside the fuze (white) has a conical lower side, which rests in a conical hole. Between the two cones a friction compound is placed.
    If one steps on the pressure plunjer and pushes the cones in one another, the match composition ignites, passing a flame into the detonator (transparant bushing with white filler), igniting the main charge of the mine.
    The mine has been used in Angola , Mozambique and all sides in Lebanon.
    A steel ring can be placed between the fuze and the mine body to enable the mine to be found by a metal detector.

    Diameter : 62 mm
    Heighth : 55 mm
    Weight : 130 grams
    Weight explosive charge : 70 grams of TNT
    Operation pressure : 5 kg

    Regards, DJH
    Looking for / Suche noch:
    -8,8cm Pzgr.40.
    -8,8cm D (drahtsperre)
    -8,8cm Pzgr.patr.Ub; Body -projectile & piercing cap- is one part, dummy base fuze.
    -8,8cm Messkartusche, (temperature gauge).
    -8,8cm Ex; Steel base and nose, rest inbetween resign.
    -8,8cm justiergranate/machine.
    -Ex ZtZ.S30 (with bearing instead of clock inside).

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