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    German WW1 Bomb Fuze.

    I have had this fuze for years and wish to know which bombs used this fuze and the fuze model / type ? It seems to be made in 1917 ?
    It has a black steel cap and a safety pin with a tiny hole at the end. Brass nose with gray alloy body and a brass gaine.

    Marked: Sp F .
    Base marked 149 L 17 and a fancy LG in a circle monogram. Nose moves from the Sp line to F. Does F mean armed ?

    Dimensions are:
    Head is 63mm long and 65mm diameter.
    Overall length is 164mm. Threads are 51mm x 2.0mm pitch (or 12 TPI).
    Gaine is 29.8mm and 26mm at the end. Any information is gratefully received.

    Fuze 1.jpegFuze 2.jpgFuze 3.jpegFuze 4.jpegFuze 5.jpeg
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