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    3" Wooden Drill Mortars.

    Here I show 2 different British? 3" Drill mortar rounds that I can find no information about in references. Drill mortars are usually cast iron or "slipper" types with a ring over the fins.
    I am not sure if these are official rounds or made by some unit armourer. No mention in any of my books.

    First is a 2 band version with brown paint over very old wood that has cracks showing, tail is stamped REVO 1/40. Brass piece at nose and bolted together.
    There is a steel coned section for weight above the tail fin. This fin has 2 welds each side of the fin. I realise there were different fin marks.
    Weight is 2.37kg (5lb.4oz) so not 10lb like a loaded mortar. Length is 420mm (1ft.4.5").

    Second is a later 1 band wooden Drill mortar with old varnish finish and a different tail fin. 3 spot welds and 2 at the top. No band above the tail fin.
    There is a steel screw-off nose cap. Fins are not marked. A steel band for protection of the body when in use.
    Weight is 1.68kg (3lb.11oz) and overall length is 415mm (1ft.4.25").

    I guess these mortars were only for loading practice but wood is not the best material and would wear or damage with lots of use.

    3%22 Drill a.jpeg3%22 Drill b.jpeg3%22 Drill c.jpeg

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