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    Quote Originally Posted by pzgr40 View Post
    By any chance a guy who calls himself CSAEOD?
    He took about any picture I posted on the Wk2ammo forum, burned them on a CD and tried to sell him. Of course I protested and as far as I know it stopped.
    Yup that's the guy.

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    CSA is a jerk, he had a great selection. alot of items I had personally inerted, and were at the EOd school and tech center. then one day they disappeared. I had done some of his collection only later to be screwed by him, he also used a lot of my library that I thought were for reference but he put them in his books. But it is hard pressed to declare a picture as copy right if not posted in photo
    any live or dug ordnance shown in my posts was dealt with by EOD personell


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