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    Argentinian Produced Bombs 1930-60s IPMA DGFM

    Some interesting developments took place in Argentina starting from the late 30s.
    The DGFM produced pressed carboard training bombs:

    DGFM 8-bomba-de-ej-cuerpo-carton-prensado-DGFM.jpg DGFM Bomba de ejercicio de carton prensado, DFGM, principios de 1940.jpg DGFM 6-armado-de-amet-y-bombas-1940.jpg

    The IPMA produced a full range of HE, Frag and incendiary bombs that remained in use till the late sixties - the fin arrangement of the Frag bombs was quite original:
    Volante-aberto.jpg IMPA 1944 Screenshot 2020-09-23 190601.jpg
    IMPA_2.jpg IMPA 6_1.jpg IMPA 10_1.jpg IMPA 11_2.jpg IMPA 18.jpg
    These are the 13kg Frag, the 50kg frag and the 250kg HE
    IMPA 13kg & 50kg fragmentacion tipo Bossone y 250kg demolicion.jpg

    The only remaining IPMA bomb seems to be a 250kg HE displayed at the Argentinian National Museum of Aviation - the display is made still more interesting by the bomb standing aside this one, a German SC 250 (though small numbers of German bombs are known to have been delivered to Brazil in 1938, there is such mention for Argentina, though a lot German warfare material was delivered to them in the years preceding ww2 - It seems that Aerial bombs were part of the lot).
    National Aviation Museum Argentina download (13).jpg IMPA And SC250 2020-03-01.jpg

    Other details on these bombs and their fuzes would be welcome

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