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    I never set out to collect this - But again More Trench Art

    A well worked 7.7 HL 1917 case. The look is I'm sure caused by
    very old varnish or laquare - I'll leave that be. With a Name and a unit
    I was able to identify the individual, being the only person by that name in
    the 75th. The work on this case is far superior to the usual. Likely 1919
    or the Big 1936 unvieling of the Vimy Memorial I expect.
    The other a Bofors case is a bit modern for me, but this is the
    first post war casing marked like this I have seen, usually Canadian
    made examples. Likely close to when we stopped using them.
    Presumably U Bty had Bofors ~
    In 1976, 1 RCHA and 2 RCHA each received a troop of Blowpipe air defence missiles. 3 RCHA and 5 RALC each added a Blowpipe missile equipped battery to their establishments, U and V Battery respectively. These are the only air defence batteries in RCHA history.
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