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    Dummy Mine Trg Set

    I picked this up at a gun show a few years ago. Totally unmarked, the set appears incomplete but considering it only cost C$50. I won't complain. Consists of 2 resin mines, 2 rolls of tripwire, an extension rod and a fuze adaptor. The mines are solid cast plastic resin and were originally painted a light blue. Someone later painted them green. They are intended to represent typical apers and atk mines. The ignitor set is molded polyethylene plastic and had removable arming and safety features. They weren't listed in our system, at least I couldn't find an NSN number for them. Comments?

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    Interesting Training set , i saw a set similar to that but for Swiss mines , consisting of dummy mines , and igniters , at the time i collected mines, but was in the course of changing over to bomb Fuzes , so i never bought the box, just a few items , now sold .
    I wonder if it was manufactured by a company called Security Design Development Ltd (formely Miltra Ltd ) of Chester Road watford Herts Tele +44 01923 818342
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