I've just been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the new Tank Museum at Bovington. With any luck the contractors will hand it over next week. Then will start the gradual move of exhibits into the new display areas with opening to the public later in the year (the existing museum is still open for business). Despite my earlier cynicism about the building, I have to say it is a truly landmark building and worth a visit in its own right.

Regular weekly (and free) tank demonstrations are given during the summer months in the arena area and the new restaurant and cafe will have commanding views over the arena area.

Some 40 tanks will make it into the new display area and where possible, each will have a round of ammunition displayed beside it. (The many hundreds of rounds held in the form of an 'ammunition archive' will, in the main, not go on display but from time to time I will post photos of interesting items.) I will update the forum with special events etc as they occur. But if you are planning next years holidays, then make it Dorset - there are other museums with ordnance displays within easy reach of Bovington; Fort Nelson (Royal Armouries artillery collection, Portsmouth), Explosions (the superb Naval Ordnance museum at Gosport), Royal Signals museum Blandford etc. You and the kids will love it and her in doors will enjoy shopping in Bournemouth, Poole etc. Why go anywhere else?

see www.tankmuseum.org for further details. Dave