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    Reims anyone live there ...

    going there, know anyone there?

    A main interest on mine is ancient firearms. I mean old ie. 14th 15th century old.

    As it is with armor (or "armour" if you prefer), a good way of getting an idea of what existed when comes from the examination of art. Recently, I found a tapestry that no author on the subject had identified as a resource. The problem (there is always a problem) is that, unlike things like the Bayeux Tapestry, there are no easily obtainable high quality images of it.

    In Reims there are two tapestry's, originally part of a series of six, that currently reside in the Tau Palace in Reims are have Clovis as their subject matter. I have attached the best images that I have been able to find to show you what I am looking for.

    In any event, I am hoping that someone can help me to get some good, sharp color images of the relevent areas of the tapestries.

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