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    Spotting suspect fuzes

    Sometime ago i was offered a german brass number (5) fuze on first examination i thought there was something strange about it , so upon examining the ones in my collection i decided to investigate further
    The original Brass no(5) fuze had brass charging pins , the A plunger always in line with the locating pin see picture 1 , when the delay was found to be too long the fuzes were withdrawn and remarked (28) the number 5 being * starred out , these fuzes that were reworked and to distinguish the difference the brass pins were replaced with steel , the locating pin still being in line with the A pin .
    The fuze offered to me had the locating pin in the 12 o/clock position, as shown in picture 2 of an early number (9) fuze , the construction is the same on these fuzes as the brass (50 and (28) . so i thought i would let potential buyers of these early fuzes ,what to look out for and to spot "played around " fuzes , perhaps the internals of the fuze were missing , so buyers beware
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