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    A special item from my collection

    I thought i would share with you a very special item , from my collection its a British bomb tail pistol type P78 and a 1,000Lb bomb kidney plate .
    I purchased these along with a collection of bomb related items several years ago from the officer who actually defuzed this bomb.
    On a Argentinian bombing raid on Stanley Airfield (Falkland islands ) in May 1982 a British manufactured 1,000lb bomb was discovered approx 1,000 Mtrs from the control tower , but near to some parked aircraft was a 1,000Lb bomb , that had for some unknown reason failed to explode.
    The officer who was Bomb duty officer that day was tasked to clear it , due to the proximity of parked aircraft it was agreed to defuze this bomb , by hand allthough this type of Pistol in the handbook said to blow in situ .
    The task was carried out succesfully and the bomb was made safe , the bombs kidney plate was removed , before final demolision,
    was carried out at a later date
    its was interesting to note that this bomb manufactured by Britain and sold to the Argentians , some years before,the conflict Because the Argentinian pilots in there haste to get out fast ,and because of the AA fire this bomb was dropped too low for the pistol to function i was very lucky to aquire both the bomb pistol and the Kidney plate shown in picture.
    About a year later this officer was walking past an office when he heard his voice talking about this bomb it appears the tape recording the officer made whilst defuzing this bomb , was about to be wiped clean luckly it wasnt as i also have the copy of this tape and the procedure being carried out , it now has pride of place in the collection.
    The first picture shows both the P78 bomb pistol and the Kidney plate
    the second picture the Pistol and a cut a way version
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    Wow! Super acquisition with background too!

    Nice one Steve.






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