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    Watford arms fair meeting

    Just had a meeting with Clive (2Pdr ) a really nice chap , it turns out that we have the same friends , what a small world !
    Thanks Clive great meeting you , the fair itself was slightly larger but not much ordnance .
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    watford arms fair at bushey

    I'd go along with what Fuzeman says, he seems a good guy to me as well and had a long interesting chat. Agreed not much ordnance but did pick up a 3.7cm Flak 18 1944 steel case good condition except split in neck with iron band HE shell also good and good Kpf.Z.Zerl.Fg fuze. interestingly to me the shell only has one crimping groove when other Fk 18 ones I've seen have 2... research reqd.




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