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    WWII German Ordnance still dangerous

    I haven't posted much, So I hope this German ordnance article lands on some interested ears....theres also an element of humour to it as well.

    I was recently documenting my collection, photos, markings etc, and in doing so very nearly created a situation where my WWII Tiger round killed my post war live \"mini\" Tiger. Whilst taking a photo, I knocked over a German 8,8cm Sprgr 43 HE onto my cat. Fortunately, with 1 life down, the cat got away unscathed...lucky critter.!!...although I think he's now suffering \"Tiger Fear\"

    Here's a picture of some of my large German Rounds.
    The rounds are Kwk42, Kwk43, Pak44, Kwk43 HE, Kwk36.

    If anyone else has any German or other Odnance,....c'mon, post some pics....I did.
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